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The difference between last Friday and this past Monday was one of the starkest contrasts I’ve experienced in medical school. On Friday, I arrived into lab at the leisurely hour of 9 (okay, maybe 10) AM, wrapped up some last-minute experiments, and spent the afternoon quite comfortably in a coffee shop working on my paper and residency application. A mere three days later, I arrived to the hospital at the slightly less-leisurely hour of 6AM to begin my ENT sub-internship, was in the operating room by 7:30, and did not leave until well after midnight. This was definitely a clear wakeup call that I’m back to my fourth year!

Despite this abrupt transition, I really loved my first week on of my otolaryngology rotation, which completely reaffirmed my decision to go into this field after my year of research. I spent the week on the facial plastics service, and saw operations ranging from very large head and neck cancer resections to quick, cosmetic procedures including face-lifts and rhinoplasties. This diversity, even within the same service, is one of the things I love most about this specialty. Tomorrow starts a week of the laryngology/general ENT service, and then I will end with two weeks of the head and neck division.

This weekend, I caught up on some much-needed sleep and have tried to soak up as much of this beautiful August weather Ann Arbor is having as I can. With only three weeks until the Michigan football home opener, I cannot believe that fall is already right around the corner! Autumn is always my favorite time of year, and this fall should be particularly exciting with the submission of my residency application and the start of interviews! I haven’t quite finalized my list of residency programs yet, but I am excited to see some new parts of the country in the upcoming months, as I am applying all over. I look forward to (hopefully!) having some fun interview experiences to write about. In the meantime, I’m perfectly content spending the summer in Ann Arbor, and happy to be back to medical school!