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Greetings from Atlanta..

I officially packed up my life in Ann Arbor, bid goodbye to my friends, and drove 12 hours south to my new home for the next year. Crazy. 

I’m now all moved in to my new place and ready to start work at the CDC (August 19th), but first, I have to take USMLE Step 2 CK! Uh oh! I can’t believe the big day is tomorrow! I feel like I’ve been studying for ages, although it has really only been 4-5 weeks mixed in with my move. I’ve read all the books and done all the Qbank questions, so its time to sit down for this grueling 9 hour test and come one step closer to becoming a doctor…

I love exploring new and exciting study spots. Law school atrium. I feel smarter just sitting here.


Rackham Graduate School study halls are always a favorite. I studied here for Step 1 too!


A new Ann Arbor study spot discovered.. Songbird Cafe! Love it.


I travel light.


My new study spot in Atlanta overlooking Buckhead (my apartment's balcony). I think I'll enjoy "studying" here for the next year.


Although settled in hundreds of miles away, my thoughts and prayers remain with classmates, family, and friends in Michigan after the tragic loss of one of our own. His smile, energy, and life will never be forgotten. 

To the Class of 2014 – My heart is with you. Love you all.