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Hello everyone!

My first week as a member of the UMMS community has been wonderful. I am a brand new, bright-eyed, still well-slept M1 and am thrilled to be back in Ann Arbor for (at least) the next four years. As a new blogger, I suppose I should introduce myself: I am a proud Ann Arborite, a graduate of the University of Michigan in 2008, and was out and about in the world for the past few years, before returning home to “Ace Deuce”. I taught in New York City for two years, then completed a post-bacc program in Boston, while doing clinical research. I was a bit worried that I would the “old one” in my class, but I have been pleasantly surprised to see a huge amount of diversity in our class. We have people from all walks of life, some older, some younger, all with interesting experiences and stories to tell.

I have missed Ann Arbor ever since I left in 2008 and it is such a privilege to be back in this wonderful city. I have to keep pinching myself to remind myself that I am here, because my first inclination whenever I see someone wearing a “Block M” on the street is to shout “Go Blue!” When I do that in NYC and Boston, I usually get a hearty reply, because us Wolverines are so excited to spot each other out in the real world. But when you do that in Ann Arbor, it can get you some pretty weird looks, because the assumption is that everyone here already “goes blue.”  Ah well, this is an adjustment I am happy to make!

In the past week, my class (Class 167!) has had many new and exciting experiences that are already bringing us together into a tight knit group. Last Sunday we had our White Coat Ceremony, in which we were all honored by being cloaked by the Dean or a UMMS family member. We had three full days of Orientation, complete with scavenger hunts, leadership training, picnics, and inspirational lectures. And, somehow, we have already survived our first two days of classes! I think we all know that incessant studying is looming on the horizon, so my classmates have been great about organizing social events and making sure to have a lot of fun, while we still have time. I’m sure the pace will pick up a bit this week, but I think most of us are ready and eager to delve into school.

Well, thanks for reading! And congratulations to all of the members of Class 167: