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Greetings from the depths of the graduate school library as I take a quick break from Step 2 studying to update you on my life!

I am no longer a fresh M4 as I successfully completed my ICU month and a clinical elective in Ob/Gyn. It feels great to have completed a challenging rotation in the ICU and to have solidified my future career path in Ob/Gyn! I’ll be catching babies at 2am for the rest of my life! I love it!

This month I decided to not take on another rotation and just give myself time to focus on Step 2, plus I needed time to pack up my Ann Arbor life and move… to Atlanta! Don’t worry, I haven’t decided to put my medical career on permanent hold and I’m certainly not running from the beautiful Ann Arbor summers. Instead, I’m taking a year off to explore some of my other career interests, specifically public health. I was accepted into the Applied Epidemiology Fellowship Program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (check out: This program funds 8 medical students from around the country to spend a year at the CDC in Atlanta gaining practical training and experience in epidemiology and public health. I’ll be working with the Immunization Safety Office at the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases. I’m so excited it feels unreal.

My office for the next year! Look familiar? Hint: Watch Outbreak or Contagion!

Even with my year off, I’ll continue to blog and update you all on my experiences down south! The blogging world then gets me for another year when I return to complete my M4 year with graduation set in 2015!

Take care! My next post will be from my new home in Atlanta! 🙂