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I’m not quite sure how, but I am somehow left with five weeks in my research year off before returning to my fourth year of medical school! The last couple of months have been a blur of trying to finish my experiments and tying up other loose ends in the lab, and I was surprised to realize that I only have a little bit more than a month left.

Beautiful summer evening at Argo Pond

Since I last wrote, there have been a lot of changes. My former classmates graduated in mid-May, have moved to a variety of cities across the country (or at least across Ann Arbor for those who are staying but wanted an upgrade to their medical student housing) and have since begun their residencies! While I am definitely excited and ready to return to my fourth year and to clinical responsibilities, it is strange to think that this could have been me. I do find a little comfort in knowing that I have another fun-filled and exciting year of medical school, filled with residency interviews, the Match, and graduation, before I am tossed into the very new, very real world of an intern.

Yesterday morning I awoke to an email from the Electronic Residency   Application Service, or ERAS, that my residency application was officially open. My new classmates and I have until mid-September to complete these before submitting them and then beginning the nerve-wracking experience of waiting to receive interviews. For any potential readers who are working on medical school applications, we are in a very similar situation of having the challenging task of trying to accurately and positively convey ourselves to program directors through a personal statement and other electronic questions. While this is always daunting, it is also a rewarding process to have to reflect on all of the different components and experiences that make for a successful application.

Outside of lab, I had a great month of June. In addition to celebrating my birthday on the 15th, I also got engaged, which was a wonderful birthday surprise! My fiancé had a surprise fireworks show that he set off over Argo pond, which was unbelievably beautiful and something I’ll never forget! I’ve already been thrown into the craziness of planning a wedding, even almost a whole year out from it. I have promised myself to not get too caught up in the little details, since nobody likes a bridezilla 🙂

I think that just about catches me up from my last post. I will check back in once more before I start my sub-internship in otolaryngology in early August. In the meantime, potential or current applicants feel free as always to email me with any questions you may have!