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The first year of medical school is over. A lot of my friends have already left for home or to do research abroad. There are some events that have happened over the year that my very talented classmate, Mike Kemp has documented through his photography. He has given me permission to share them on this blog.

The first group is from Biorhythms, a dance performance that student choreographers and dancers put together in the spring. I was in the Hip Hop dance, which my friend LeeAnne (who is a very highly trained dancer) choreographed. It was very fast and difficult, but very fun and a little terrifying to perform.

The second group is from the Smoker, a play that is student written, directed and performed. It largely is a satire of the medical school and our professors.

I hope that you enjoy these photos. I will be leaving for Quito on Saturday. I’ll be posting a lot of photos from there.

Take care!


Salsa dance!

Hip hop

The UMMS a capella group performing at Biorhythms

This is from the beginning of the Mance.

The Smoker

The Smoker

The Smoker

The Smoker