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Hey all,

Hope you’ve been doing well. I am currently enjoying the last day of my switch weekend, which is the weekend in between clinical rotations. It’s a magical weekend where you attempt to attend to the 30 errands/chores/friends you’ve been neglecting. It never works out how you want it to (we only get 2 days after all), but it’s something. This weekend I managed to clean my apartment, do laundry, see some classmates outside of the hospital, see my family, and tonight I’m going to catch up with high school classmates. Not too shabby for one weekend, but still never enough.

I just finished my pediatric rotation, which made me realize how much I prefer children as patients. Something to add to my list. And next I go on to surgery, which I’ve heard is an enjoyable but exhausting rotation, and I’ll look forward to going to bed 1/2 an hour after getting home every night..

Now as for what has happened since the last post, the most exciting thing was my brother getting married! Very exciting, and I have one entire slightly grainy photo to prove that I was there! (You’re welcome):

These are the friends that I snuck into the party, plus me in the middle with the sash. If you zoom the photo out, and then have the picture taker turn around, you can see my brother and his bride (this is what happens when your phone dies and you don’t have the official photos from the wedding).

The wedding was such a nice time to enjoy with family and friends, and I’m glad that even M3 year did not impede me from being a part of the celebration!

But for now, back to the grind. I promise to have exciting things to talk about next time:)