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Hey everyone,

Psych is over! It was both laid back and overwhelming, and I picked up a lot of skills. There were times when I felt hopeless about helping a patient get better, and times where I caught a glimpse of how rewarding being a psychiatrist could be. A great experience all in all:)

So, after 6 very interesting weeks, I took the psych shelf exam (it’s the standardized end-of-rotation exam) yesterday, and .. that’s it. I’m done. This is weird. A completely free weekend. I haven’t felt this in.. about 6 weeks.

Unfortunately, I can’t exactly fulfill my switch weekend dreams as I had imagined them, because it’s Ramadan, and most of my dreams entail food, and more specifically brunch. But it’s alright, what I lack in food is made up for in the sense of community. Just last week, a group of the Muslim med students and other friends went to IHOP to eat food before the sun came up:

Surprisingly not too tired looking for 4am

Don’t worry, I ate healthy and put bananas on my pancakes.

Alright, time to enjoy this beautiful free weekend!