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Hello world, I’m alive. I promise. Step 1 is done and M3 year is here! It’s been ages since my last blog post and so much has happened! In some ways, I feel like a completely different person. I finished the grueling preclinical years, passed usmle step 1, and completed my first rotation – internal medicine!

Studying for Step 1 was endless. I started at the end of March and worked non-stop for 5 1/2 long weeks. After the first week, I quickly realized my Step 1 schedule was unrealistic and a bit too ambitious. I couldn’t keep up with doing and reviewing questions as well as reviewing all the additional material I wanted to, so I adapted. I focused on doing World Questions and reviewing First Aid, which made my life so much simpler and studying became less overwhelming. I discovered some new study locations too! Rackham anyone? It’s beautiful! Step 1 is behind me now, and I’m happy I survived!

Doesn't this place inspire you to learn?

In the last three months, I completed the grueling three months of internal medicine. At first, it was overwhelming. EKG quiz? Chest X-ray quiz? Pattern recognition AND shelf exam? Oh my. I was going to have to learn a lot.. and quickly. I bought question books, general textbooks, and a shelf study book, so I was well equipped and ready! During my first month of medicine, I was assigned to outpatient, which is very similar to most of our typical doctor-patient experiences in a clinic from 9-5 p.m. I loved working with so many different physicians, but sometimes it would get dizzing with the 15-20 minute appointments. The best part of internal medicine was my month on GI/Liver (a secret passion of mine). I had amazing attendings and residents, so I was excited to go to work every morning. By the end of that month, I felt like a young doctor in training! I even diagnosed herpes zoster on my own! Looking back on my three months, I’m amazed at how much and how quickly I learned. Hopefully the base knoweldge I gained on IM will help with all my future rotations.. cross fingers! 

Now that medicine has ended, I’ve adopted the role of psychiatrist for the next 6 weeks. From learning about LFTs, I’ve transitioned to understanding the mind and behavior. Is this child delayed or autistic? Is this post-partum depression or pregnancy psychosis? It’s still a puzzle in my mind, but very interesting!

Even with all the excitment of rotations, I’ve sqeezed in some time to enjoy beautiful AA since it’s my first summer in town (last year I was climbing the pyramids in Mexico, remember?). So far, I’ve eaten Black Pearl fish tacos at Taste of Ann Arbor and walked the miles of booths at the Ann Arbor Art Fair!

Fish Tacos at Taste of AA! Delicious!

If I manage to escape from clinic, I plan to squeeze in more fun time this summer.. and maybe some more fish tacos! See you soon! Enjoy! 🙂