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I have one remaining week of M3 year. It’s hard to believe, and I have enough studying to do that now is not really the best time to reflect on lessons learned or experiences gained. Suffice it to say for now that I’m looking forward to being done, and when I take brief study breaks, I imagine what my two weeks of summer vacation are going to look like before M4 year is off and running. It’s an awful lot like this:

Walter enjoying the newly remodeled Huron River canoe route just past Argo Canoe Livery.

Things I am planning to do starting 4/28:

  • Ride my bike: I’ve got to get in shape for that ride coming up in July!
  • Walk the dog: He deserves it after a year of craziness.
  • Reading for fun: The list of books I need to read at this point is endless, but I might as well try!
  • Things that are as yet unscheduled, because I will not need to be scheduled within an inch of my life…