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Sarah and I opening my match day letter!

Drum roll please….I am matched.  And have a job, starting on June 19th [i think?].  I should check that out, eh?

Match Day was awesome!  I am not going to write too much here, because I actually have an audio blog that I did for the Admissions Office [will post a link once it’s up!].  However, Michigan Medical School knows how to throw a great party.  We all gathered at the North Campus Research Complex [former Pfizer plant that now houses tons o’ research space] in the ballroom.  The energy in the room was incredible–148 Michigan students found out where they would be spending the next 3-7 years of their life.  To put it mildly, that is definitely a unique experience–one day determines your fate for years!

At 12 noon [on the dot], I went out to the hallway and grabbed my envelope.  Sarah and I had decided to open it before going on stage–she was so nervous she couldn’t eat the amazing lunch, so we figured let’s just get it done with.  I opened the envelope and it said…”Congratulations, you have matched!  University of Michigan Anesthesiology.”

I am SO excited.  After seeing so many great programs around the country, I realized that sometimes, the best thing is right where you already are.  6 of my classmates matched with me into the program, so I will certainly know a good chunk of my co-interns.  I am really blessed and beyond thrilled to be able to spend the next 4 years here!

Now I am just finishing out the rest of medical school, which is pretty chill.  May 11th is graduation, which will certainly prove to be another great day [and excellent finish] to my medical school career.

Any questions as the deadline approaches for y’all, email me at

Go Blue!