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Hey everyone!

This will be my final post before I disappear for boards studying. I chose to stay in Ann Arbor for this period, so hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy some of the beautiful weather we have been having lately! Ann Arbor in the Spring really is BEAUTIFUL!

Today is officially the first day of boards studying for most of my classmates, but I’ve chosen to take the day off to stock up on rainbow highlighters, delicious Trader Joe’s meals, and finally do laundry. I finished the M2 reproductive sequence exams last night, so this is my first and final day of relaxation before I crack open my First Aid 2012 – now in color!

I’m happy to announce I finally made a study schedule too! Big accomplishment in my eyes and necessary since I’m starting tomorrow! I looked at more than 10 schedules from different friends and upperclassmen in the process of developing my colorful schedule (see below). It looks pretty intense, so the challenge will be to stay focused and motivated! Cross fingers!

My extremely-ambitious-but-hopefully-feasible Step One Study Schedule! Can you tell I love color?

All my classmates are experiencing the same rush of stress and emotions about Step One. Inspired by Step One and our stress, my class made an awesome class video parody and posted it to YouTube! Check it out: No Sleep Til Step One (UMMS 2014) and my screenshot below!

Screenshot of my 8 seconds of fame in the UMMS 2014 "No Sleep Til Step One" Music Video.. You would be angry too if someone disturbed your 29 day isolation study period!

I wish this post had less study talk but unfortunately its that time of year in every medical student’s education. My next post will probably be when I’m back home in Panama before the start of M3 year, so stay tuned!