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Hey everyone!

I’m back in school after celebrating another great New Years in Spain with friends and family! Since arriving back in Ann Arbor, I finished our final Clinical Foundations of Medicine week in preparation for yesterday’s M2 Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (CCA) Exam. The exam was both a written and practical exam where we were assessed on all the details of pulmonary, cardiovascular, abdominal, musculoskeletal, and neuro examination techniques and basic diagnosis, as well as history taking and verbal presentation skills. It’s crazy to think how much we’ve learned over the last two years! Yet, at the same time, I feel completely unprepared and nervous with the reality of becoming an M3 in a few months. Will I magically blossom into a competent and confident medical student? I guess we’ll see! For now, I just hope I passed all the components of the CCA!

Although the CCA was on my mind all week, I was able to take a small break on Saturday with the annual Biorhythms show! Biorhythms is the medical school’s largest musical show produced by and starring medical students in many different dances and singing combinations. This year I took part in the Chinese dance organized by my friend Grace and an outside Chinese choreographer. We worked on our dance every Monday night since October, so I was excited to finally show off our moves to the entire medical community! In the end, everyone was very impressed with our costumes and drum moves, so I guess practice makes perfect in both art and medicine, right?  Check out our Chinese dance here: (try and spot me!)

Some of the Chinese dance girls! Grace, Sarah, Xixi, and me after our performance!

Now that Biorhythms and the CCA are out of the way, we begin the M2 Gastrointestinal sequence today. I’m sure it will be interesting but a lot of work once again since the packet is 890 pages! Woah. Wish me luck!