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I need to get the hang of this whole blog thing.  Too many fun times have come and gone since my last (and first) post to remember everything.  With so much going on around me, some days it feels as if I’ve been here in med school for years.  Other days I remember old things as though they happened yesterday.  Turns out if you do the math (pay attention, there will be a quiz at the end of this post just like the real ones we have every week), I’ve been here for only a little over two months.  Crazy.

We’re already into our third sequence, Cardio/Respiratory, and things are starting to pick up.  Between lectures, histology, anatomy, surfing the internet, and extracurriculars, I’m keeping plenty busy.  Fortunately, lots of what we’re learning is starting to have clinical application, which makes me finally feel like all those years spent studying quantum mechanics, amino acid structures, and the back of my eyelids (not to mention the last sequence, Cells & Tissues) are far, far behind me.

Beyond all the school related hoopla, I’m still finding plenty of opportunities to have some me time.  My family and I made it to our first Michigan football game a couple weeks ago against Minnesota.  Needless to say, sixth row seats at a 58-point shutout made for a pretty entertaining time.  I also made it to my first Michigan hockey game with some friends last weekend, which was also a blast.  I know what you’re thinking right now and here are the answers.  Yes, I go to class.  Yes, I study.  Yes, I’m passing.

On the topic of sports, I’d like to take a moment to do something I’m extremely good at…rant.  This last weekend wasn’t so hot for U of M and the state of Michigan in general.  The Wolverines lost on the gridiron despite their opponent’s best efforts to foul and punch their way to a loss.  The Lions couldn’t pull off a victory either, and worst of all the Detroit Tigers’ hopes at a World Series were smashed in horrifically embarrassing fashion.  Needless to say, my reaction to all this was less than pleasant.  At least the Red Wings won to remain undefeated…

As I said, I need to get to blogging more often (and writing shorter pieces so you all can suffer a bit less).  Remember, in the meantime follow my Twitter, @A2inA2, as well as the @UMDailyDose one put on by other students (if you do, I might just forget about that quiz I mentioned earlier).  My camera lens is still out for repair (I just found out the cost…review that earlier link for my response) so for now you’ll have to live with some mediocre camera shots and some photos from my prior adventures. Lastly, if you need something more to read, here’s the latest study about the number one way to live longer.

Three, count 'em, three, whole chickens for a pot luck at my place.

Grillmaster Nicko cooking salmon for another potluck at my place.

Sixth row at the big house.

This was pretty cool too. Spotted at the Medical School Reunion during the weekend of the Notre Dame game.

A much prettier, albeit random, photo. Sunrise over the Foveaux Strait in New Zealand.