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Hello all.

My name is Juan and this is my very first blog.. ever! Right now, I am in my second rotation of third year… Family Medicine. I absolutely love it. I am doing this rotation in Dexter, a nice little village partly in Scio and partly in Webster Townships. The staff is young, the faculty is  energetic, and the atmosphere is great; there is soft music  in the background ranging from oldies to top 40, there is always some snacks in the staff lounge for the taking, and the coffeepot is always full!!! Love it!

In the past few days I have been too lazy to pack my own lunch so I have explored some of Dexter’s food hotspots. Now… you, whoever you are, need to go to Foggy Bottom Coffee House! They have amazing paninis, sandwiches, wraps, etc. Seriously. Check. It. Out. The Dexter Bakery is also really good and its cheap. Ok… before this turns into a food review of Dexter restaurants lets move on (but I will definitely mention other places that are worth it in the future).

So, what do I do with my time when I am not in clinic or officially reviewing Dexter restaurants? Well.. after boards I didn’t go on a trip like most of my class. Instead, I decided to buy a DSLR camera. I have always liked photography but I never had the money to get an SLR camera and make this a more serious hobby. Finally, somehow, I managed to save some money to buy the camera this past May. I actually bought it in Dexter! I just love that town. Since then, I have tried to go out at least once a week to take pictures. Since I am on Family Med, I get to come home around 5pm and I have some time for myself before starting to study. Here you can see some of the pictures I took this week. I took these pictures all within half a mile of where I live, RiverHouse. To quote my friend: “you just took pictures of all the nice things behind your apartment, you need to go somewhere else next time”. He is also into photography and soon, when we go out to take pictures somewhere else, I will post those up too! This time you can see some shots of the river, the geese, and some other things right between my apartment and the hospital.

Anyway, I am about to go take a quick power nap. I hope you enjoyed the pictures… and food review.. Will continue to post soon!